Premium Cistus Incanus Herbal tea

Cistus incanus is sourced in Greece. It contains polyphenols, proanthocyanadins, bioflavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, rutin, and other beneficial bioactive compounds. It makes a wonderful tea with a mild, floral-like flavor. The traditional use of Cistus reaches back millennia. Ancient traditional uses included treating colds, coughs, menstrual problems, and rheumatism. Cistus was used in ancient Greece as a wound healer and a beauty product. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the validity of this traditional herbal understanding.

The Cistus Incanus is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is also considered to be a heavy metal detoxicant and a great immune booster. Cistus can also be used as a mouth wash and for general oral hygiene. It has many other health benefits and is continuously being researched for the discovery of new beneficial properties. Recent studies use Cistus Incanus for its healing properties with Lyme Disease. A small research online can offer a wider spectrum of the Cistus beneficial properties.